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EyeEm Festival 2016 Best Moments

The Best Moments From #EyeEmFestival16 from EyeEm on Vimeo.

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EyeEm relives their 2016 Berlin festival on their blog through film and pictures

Berlin’s former theatre Heimathafen Neukölln was the venue for EyeEm’s annual photography, art and technology event on August 27, 2016. Sponsored by Getty Images, Sony and GoEuro, the EyeEm Festival & Awards attracted more than 1000 photographers, creatives and technicians from the EyeEm community. Photographer Chase Jarvis was the keynote speaker, who went on to jointly announce the EyeEm School of Photography.

And below, see EyeEm on Apple’s new iOS 10 mobile platform, then click here for more information!

EyeEm on iOS 10 from EyeEm on Vimeo.

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