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Solas Photography Prize 2015 Winners & Exhibition

Solas Photography Prize 2015 from Gallery of Photography Ireland on Vimeo.

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The Solas Awards Exhibition features the work of 9 artists selected as winners of the Solas Prize 2015

The Solas Photography Prize is a major new award for contemporary photography and a collaboration between Source Magazine and the Gallery of Photography Ireland. It is an international award with prizes of US$11,500.

This video shows Tanya Kiang, Director of the Gallery of Photography, explaining the Solas Photography Prize 2015. She was also one of the five judges of the competition.

List of winners (more details here):

  • Eamonn Doyle
  • Enda Bowe
  • Shane Lynam
  • Dara McGrath
  • Emer Gillespie
  • Yvette Monahan
  • Mervyn Arthur
  • Michel le Belhomme
  • Ciarán Óg Arnold
The exhibition opened 1 December 2015 and runs until 10 January 2016 at The Gallery of Photography in Dublin.

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