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Leica SL Professional Mirrorless System Camera

Leica SL with James Law – Vision from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

Photographer James Law gives an overview of the Leica SL camera’s features

Leica Camera announced its new SL mirrorless system camera in October 2015. According to the German company, the camera boasts a range of innovative features and sets new standards in versatility, handling and construction.

Leica SL (TYP 601) catalog (PDF 7.82MB, English) →

  • First mirrorless system camera of its kind
  • Full-Frame replacement for Leica DSLR
  • Made with blocks of aluminium
  • Leica T mount lenses
  • Compatibility with other Leica system lenses
  • 24-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Ultra-high-resolution electronic viewfinder
  • Touch-screen focusing
  • 4K video recording

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