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IPA Winner Dominic Hawgood First Major Solo Show

Dominic Hawgood – International Photography Award from Apptitude Media on Vimeo.

IPA Winner Dominic Hawgood First Major Solo Show

How Dominic Hawgood created Under the Influence (2014), his first major solo show at the TJ Boulting gallery in London after winning series category of the British Journal of Photography‘s International Photography Award.

The series examines human behaviour in contemporary African churches in London, which mixes traditional stills photography with expressionist lighting and highly-stylised colour.

The show runs from February 20 to March 7 2015.

From Dominic’s website:

Hawgood is an artist combining photography, CGI, lighting design and installation. Within his work three main themes persist, a fascination with technology, states of mind, and the removal of something from the real world …

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